Clinical tDCS Unit

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The Clinical tDCS is our standard baseline light weight model. This device is ideal for smaller health clinics and therapy centers that need a compact, portable device. Do you own a private practice? The tDCS is perfect for any medical professional that needs to travel to clients’ homes for sessions.

Paired with a USB plugin and easy-to-use software, this tDCS device is exactly what you’re looking for to get your business off the right start. 


  • Substance Abuse Treatment
    • tDCS stimulation sessions offer fast long-term relief from withdrawal symptoms allowing the user to overcome the addiction.
  • Depression Treatment / P.T.S.D
    • Fast depression relief without the harmful side-effects or suicidal tendencies that may be caused by some medications.
  • Pain Relief Treatments
    • tDCS sessions offer long lasting pain relief without any side-effects or refills.
  • Fibromyalgia Pain Treatments
    • tDCS Stimulation Treatments Offer Relief When Other Methods Won’t!
  • Coginitive Function Enhancement
    • Enhance Your Brain Function Using tDCS Stimulation Sessions
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
    • Injuries sustained as a result of sports activity/participation
    • Available for sale for Pain Centers, Rehabilitation Clinics, and Sport Injury Rehabilitation Centers only.

The clinical tDCS unit is a small two person device that can be used by a single patient with pain that radiates across the body, or by two users being treated for addiction or cognitive function. The unit uses a desktop or laptop computer as a screen by using the USB control panel.

Click the images above to learn more about this device’s uses and how you can get a discount for buying multiple units.

The clinical bundle includes:

  • clinical tDCS unit
  • clinical brain pad – right and left (x2)
  • clinical electrodes (x2)
  • clinical head gear
  • USB power source
  • USB software program
  • laptop not included

*Clinical tDCS unit to be replaced in Q1 2020